Help send Patriots to the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party

Help send Hy Thurman and Chuck Armsbury, members of the Young Patriot Organization and the Patriot Party to the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Black Panther Party this October! We have set up a GoFundMe account to receive your much needed donations. Please go HERE to donate.

Young Patriots cica 1969

Young Patriots cica 1969

The YPO was created in 1968 to help alleviate  the oppressive conditions that many southern white migrants faced in Chicago`s Uptown community. Police brutality and murder, slum living, high unemployment, lack of health care and poverty are only a few examples.  

In 1969 the Young Patriots were invited by the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panthers for Self Defense to join them to create the Original Rainbow Coalition (ORC) which also  included the Young Lords Organization and Rising Up Angry. They were chosen because of their dedication to fight against racism and to organize their own Uptown community. The ORC set the successful example that the poor of all races can work together to organize their own while simultaneously created a system of supporting the common goals of their organizations.

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