Our new website is up and we have only just begun

We still have plenty of material to add. Look for more info about the Young Patriots, the Young Lords and Black Panther Panther Party as well as the Patriot Party, Peoples Party II, Brown Berets and other organizations around the country who were influenced by the rainbow model.. 

A traveling exhibit of materials from the original Rainbow Coalition and artist`s interpretation of that history will be shown in Philadelphia, Pa at the University of Pennsylvania`s Kelly Writer House and Chicago, Il at Columbia College`s A&D Gallery. Watch this site for more details.

The exhibits will invite viewers to consider the relationship between poetry and politics in the struggle for working class multi-racial organizing. The books can also be used as a point of departure to engage subjects that are as urgent today as they were fifty years ago when  the Black Power Movement called for whites to “organize within their own communities.” 

We believe this history is relevant to the multi-racial working class organizing today so we plan to use this blog to also comment on what today’s "rainbow” looks like in this age of Black Lives Matter, Fight for $15, anti-rape culture organizing, anti-gentrification efforts, the movement to save public education, the battle against environmental racism and other vital social justice struggles.